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About Nylint

Cheese slicers and flour sifters were the foundation for Nylint Tool and Manufacturing, established in 1937 by David Nyberg and Bernard Klint in Rockford, Illinois. Like businesses following the end of World War II, Nylint changed directions in 1945 and began focusing on the production of pressed steel wind-up toys. Arguably Nylint's most popular and successful line was its huge assortment of transportation toys. Toy vehicle collectors and vintage toy collectors alike will love the extensive selection of Nylint trucks, cars, SUVs, and more offered by the reliable sellers on eBay. Clear a parking space on your shelf for your collectible Nylint tow truck, dump truck, or pickup. How about a 1970s Rescue Pumper fire truck, or a vintage semi-truck with working lights and sound and a classic advertising slogan emblazoned on its trailer? Build your collection further with a Nylint Ford Bronco with an attached Thoroughbred Farms trailer, a Model T Ford Roadster in bright orange, or a 1960s Ford truck with an attached Philco radio in its camper. Now, that is a lot more fun than a flour sifter.