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About NVG

A quarter past midnight and you are walking as silently as possible through the woods, leaves and twigs making a soft crunch underneath your feet. A hunt is afoot, and thanks to NVG or night vision goggles, you have the stealthy advantage of being cloaked by darkness. Previously, hunters could only track down their prey during the daytime when there was still light out. But, with the advent and availability of consumer night vision technology, hunters are now able to work in the dark. Keep in mind, however, that hunting during the night is frowned upon, but that doesn't mean you can't monitor game movement using NVG. On eBay, you should be able to find reliable sellers offering NVGs in varying conditions. Remember that whether you decide to go for a new PASGT, used Mich or a refurbished Wilcox NVG, just the addition of any of these can change your entire hunting experience. Open your eyes—literally—and start seeing in the dark.