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About Nutribullets

It's no secret that many people are overfed yet undernourished, leading to obesity and related health concerns like heart disease and diabetes. The makers of the NutriBullet say that the key isn't just eating healthy food. While that's an essential piece of the puzzle, you can eat healthy food and still not absorb the nutrients that food has to offer. Many times, the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential fatty acids stay locked inside the food's cells and pass right through your body without giving you the nourishment you think you're receiving. The NutriBullet isn't for blending smoothies or making juice. It's for liquefying food and unlocking the health benefits at the molecular level. The machine consists of a 600-watt power base. Specially designed extractor blades screw onto different size cups and are then placed on the power base to activate the machine. The Nutribullet doesn't have any confusing buttons. Simply place the cup on the base and push down to start. There are two types of blades that can pulverize seeds, cut through fibrous skins and stems, and reduce even the toughest fruits and vegetables to pure liquid that soaks directly into your system. The NutriBullet comes with a tall cup and a short cup as well as a handled short cup with a screw-on lip ring, which allows you to drink comfortably from the same container where the blending took place. There are also two stay-fresh resalable lids so that you can blend your drink at night, seal it, and take it with you when you walk out the door the next morning.