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About Novarossi

Everyone remembers opening his first remote control model car on Christmas morning or after a birthday party and probably remembers just as vividly when it was stepped on by a parent or simply stopped working for some unfathomable reason. Novarossi is a company that makes parts for model cars that are made of somewhat sterner stuff, actual gas engines that replace the quickly depleted batteries of more casual models. The Novarossi 21 off-road model is perfect if you want to take the car off the beaten path and onto a dirt road or rock quarry. The slightly less powerful Novarossi 12 is made more for paved tracks but is great for racing models because of its light but extremely durable aluminum frame that can stand up to the speed demands of the track. Buyers looking for these or other Novarossi products can find a wide variety in good to excellent condition from trusted sellers on eBay offering convenient and reliable shipping options.