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About Nose Ring Hoops

You look into the mirror to admire your reflection and smile with delight as the light catches your new nose ring. With a nose ring hoop, you can make the most of your piercing to create a daring look. Unlike standard earring hoops, nose rings feature the right width to sit in the nose's cartilage. This means there is less slipping and a reduced chance of infection, allowing you to keep your piercing clean and pristine. If your skin is sensitive, opting for a hoop in gold or titanium makes sure your piercing is itch-free. Their self-clasping nature allows them to sit neatly in your nose, so you can avoid losing yours at an awkward moment. While there are plenty of plain hoops around, you can explore an array of dazzling colors and jewels to make your look more vibrant. Wearing a stud nose ring hoop is a great way to add a little embellishment to your piercing. If you would like to take a delicate approach, try a small nose ring hoop. Small hoops sit closer to the edge of the nose, which allows for less movement and a neater fit. When you shop the large inventory of nose ring hoops on eBay, you can choose from a diverse selection. Once yours arrives, give it a quick clean and slide it into your piercing gently.

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