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About NOS Parts

Although somewhat amusingly called "new old stock" or "new on the shelf" parts, NOS parts are a serious matter to collectors, as well as to restoration professionals. NOS items are original parts for obsolete equipment, and although considered trash by some, these parts are actually treasured by many. For vehicles such as those from Ford, there is a wide range of NOS Ford parts available for DIY enthusiasts or for professionals. For example, a NOS fog/spotlight bracket kit for a 1957 Ford truck might be the only part needed to complete the restoration of such a vehicle, and thankfully there are individual sellers or companies that take the time to collect and sell these items. NOS Chevy parts are available for purchase on eBay, and buyers can find NOS parts on the site for a Chevy that dates as far back as 1930s. There is definite truth in the saying, "one man's trash is another man's treasure," and NOS parts remain a testament to that.