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About Northern Pacific

When you are sitting at a railroad crossing, watching the trains fly by, there are always a few familiar names. Those names may bring to mind companies from the very start of the railroad age, like Northern Pacific. The company had a long history, troubled by heavy financial issues. Northern Pacific Railroad memorabilia are some of the most collected items for railroad enthusiasts. The railroad ran from the Great Lakes all the way to the Pacific, covering over 40 million acres of land and was approximately 6800 miles long. One of the biggest producers of train collectables is Lionel. Lionel Northern Pacific reproductions are in high demand due to their quality and popularity. The Lionel Company is one of the top producers for train lovers who create model train and landscapes. You can find everything from old coal-driven trains to the more modern electric trains that ran before Northern Pacific merged with Burlington. With reliable sellers on eBay offering new and used pieces in a variety of conditions, you are sure to find the perfect piece for your collection.