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About Norman Rockwell Prints

Talk about prolific: Norman Rockwell painted over 4,000 pieces over the course of his career. His topics range widely, from serious pictures dealing with issues such as racism and war to humorous pictures dealing with the difficulties of growing up, so there are sure to be Norman Rockwell prints to appeal to every taste. The sports fan might enjoy Norman Rockwell baseball prints. For example, "Bottom of the 6th" depicts three umpires deciding whether to call the game because of rain, while "Choosin' Up" shows young boys picking sides for a pick-up game of baseball. Either would be an appropriate addition to a basement television room or den. For the main living area of the house, search the vast inventory on eBay for a Norman Rockwell framed print. "Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas" is an excellent choice for a long wall since, unlike most Norman Rockwell prints, it has a long, rectangular shape. For the true Rockwell enthusiast, splurge on a rare signed print and display it in a prominent location. Considering the artist's reputation, a print is sure to catch the eye of guests, and become a conversation starter.