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About Norman Rockwell

Indulge in a piece of American art history by decorating your home with Norman Rockwell images. This iconic American artist is best known for his nostalgic and accessible depictions of everyday life. Children, families, sports stars, and more are immortalized in these beloved and easily recognizable images, making Norman Rockwell prints a popular decorating item for homes and classrooms. Among eBay's reliable sellers, you'll find a variety of prints featuring the same images made famous by the Saturday Evening Post. Pick out a copy of your favorite painting or indulge in a collection of Rockwell favorites. If you're decorating tastes trend toward collectibles, Norman Rockwell plates give you the chance to create a set of your favorite prints. Whether you choose to focus your collection around a certain holiday or event, or you simply pick and choose the ones that most appeal to you, these prints and plates allow you to celebrate Rockwell's work in a way that speaks to you. Norman Rockwell paintings have a little something for everyone to enjoy, making them a choice well worth including in your home.