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About Norfolk Western

There was a time when having to stop for a train and watching the cars pass by was exciting. Growing up, you may have forgotten the excitement at seeing the Norfolk Western and CSX cars roll by. You can get that excitement back by starting your own miniature train collection. There are a wide variety of train cars and models available for you as a collector. Norfolk Western is a very popular train car to collect. If you want to put together a set that looks like modern day trains then you can pick from a wide variety of Norfolk Western hoppers or car haulers. If you want a train that reminds you of days gone by, you can accomplish that with Norfolk Western passenger cars. There are still passenger cars that run in today's system but they are much more rare than in previous decades. Whether you want to create an automated train set or just collect specific cars, you will find the perfect piece with the wide selection of items available from dependable sellers on eBay.