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About Nomex Flight Suits

A life-saving textile made by DuPont, heat- and flame-resistant Nomex flight suits protect pilots, crew, and passengers from these hazards. Tough and light, synthetic Nomex is also used in over gloves, spark plug insulation, and suits for firefighters, race car drivers, and military personnel. Although the material burns when it is in contact with a flame, removing the heat source stops the burning. The thick synthetic fibers do not conduct heat well, giving the wearer precious time to get away from the flames. Olive drab and blue Nomex flight suits are among the most popular pieces of protective clothing used in these situations. Military and similar uses allow you to add badges and patches indicating rank and identifying information. Members of the Civil Air Patrol and other search-and-rescue personnel typically prefer wearing Nomex flight suits, as their missions bring them into hazardous terrain such as mountainsides, canyons, and remote deserts. These flight suits usually feature zippered pockets at the chest, thighs, legs, and sleeves, allowing the wearer to carry gear such as cell phones, maps, knives, signal mirrors, and GPS units. For a sturdy, safe garment, browse the continually changing listings on eBay for examples with military color schemes, such as desert tan and sage green Nomex flight suits.