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About Nokia X2

Prefer to let your thumbs do the talking? If you are a texter at heart, you need a Nokia X2 phone with its full QWERTY keyboard and efficient design. The X2 also includes a full HTML browser and delivers quality audio for voice calls. You can pick up the phone on eBay, and reliable sellers on the site offer it in both new and used condition. For a variation on the phone's design, look for the X2's sibling, the Nokia X2-02, which features a slimmer design and an alphanumeric keypad. Both versions are available unlocked, so you can use your Nokia X2 with any plan you like. In addition to the phones, eBay offers several accessories to enhance your experience. Check out listings for a Nokia X2-01 case to protect the phone from drops, or grab a new battery to restore the phone's charge. Full-size capacitive touchscreens have their place, but the Nokia's full QWERTY keyboard and sound design make it a great option for the true texters of the world.