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About Nokia N95

You do not need the latest smartphone to get the greatest performance. First released in 2007, the Nokia N95 was one of Nokia's first entries into the smartphone market, and it remains popular with users for its efficient and unique design. It includes a 5 MP camera capable of photos and video, and a slide-out alphanumeric keypad keeps dialing and texting simple. The phone also has integrated GPS and Wi-Fi, making it a flexible early smartphone model. You can find numerous listings for the N95 on eBay. Reliable sellers on the site offer these phones in varying conditions, and you can pick up one with minimal or no wear. You can also find a wide selection of parts and accessories for the phone. Select a Nokia case to guard the phone against drops and scratches, or pick out a new battery to renew the charge life of the unit. Nokia N95 unlocked phones are also available on the site, which means you can connect the phone to a carrier of your choice. With its unique design and combination of smartphone and cell phone features, the Nokia N95 is sure to keep people talking.