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About Nokia 8800

Your phone hits the pavement, and you pick it up in slow motion, afraid to assess the damage. Fortunately, your Nokia 8800 has a stainless steel housing and a scratch-resistant screen, and your phone suffers minimal damage. The Nokia 8800 housing uses the same technology as high performance cars, with premium ball bearings to smoothly move the slider up and down over the keys. The Nokia 8800 Sirocco edition combines the rugged build with a luxurious look. The 2007 release of the phone featured a 24-karat gold plated housing. The Arte edition uses premium materials, including carbon fiber, sapphire metal, leather, and titanium. The sleek design of all the editions stands up to the wear and tear of the clumsiest users. Find new and used Nokia 8800 phones offered by numerous reliable sellers on eBay. Maybe you are prone to dropping your phone, but that does not mean you have to invest in a bulky, cumbersome case to keep it safe.