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About Nokia 603

Although you have an expensive smartphone, the Nokia 603 remains your favorite phone. It has a simple user interface that is not bogged down by the 1,001 features of your flagship smartphone. When it took a tumble down two flights of stairs, you found out that it was rugged, too. The 603 did crack open but it was still fully functional. It will need a new back plate to keep the battery from falling out every time you pick it up. Fortunately, you can find a replacement among the wide selection of Nokia 603 back covers offered by a number of reputable sellers on eBay. Nokia provides a choice of six colorful interchangeable back covers for the 603 but you can also find prettier, third-party back plates on eBay. Since it is the phone you take everywhere, your Nokia 603 will no doubt take a lot more beating. Therefore, you need to get a Nokia 603 hard case to protect it from further damage.

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