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About Noise Filters

As you strum your guitar and sing into the microphone, each sound you make flows smoothly through the amp without noise interference. Wowing your crowd with even sounds is possible when you use a noise filter. As all great musicians know, frequency interference can take the most eclectic of sounds and turn them into an audio nightmare. With a little work, your set can benefit from great filtration. Signal interference is well within your control. An audio noise filter suppresses potential interference, which means fewer crackles and high pitches exit your amp. If you are practicing your electric guitar at home, this means your neighbors will love you. When you sing for a crowd, a filter will help them hear your voice in all its glory. Audio filtration is not just for budding musicians. Add a car noise filter to your vehicle's stereo system to hear your favorite bands play with pristine precision. Now you no longer have to worry about music becoming obscured under the squeal of a stereo. eBay's sellers offer noise filters of all types, many of which are new, but some are refurbished or used.