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About Nixon Time Teller

If you strive for an uncluttered life, the Nixon Time Teller is the perfect watch. Its minimalistic design is simple. That simplicity makes it the deliberate antithesis of the multi-functional, brash, and chunky designs of many watches available today, such as the Nixon Magnacon. Instead, the Nixon Time Teller goes for a more elegant and subtle style, and does not waste time with features and functions that hardly anyone uses. It does not even have numbers — you know what a clock face looks like, after all. There are no knobs, dials, or buttons to get in the way. There is not even a display to tell you the date. Instead, this is a watch that looks great while telling you the time — full stop. The Nixon Men's Time Teller Watch comes in a range of styles and colors, as does the range for women. Plus there are unisex options, all of which are available from the abundant inventory on eBay. The casing is stainless steel, it has a 3-hand quartz movement, and it is water resistant to 328 feet. So, it is functional as well as stylish. If you are ready for a clean, simple, and high quality watch, this is the one for you.