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About NiteRider

You wrestle with your alarm at six in the morning, fumbling for the light nearby as you struggle to see in the dark. As the days grow darker but your work schedule does not change, meaning an early bike ride to the shop, it is time to prepare yourself with a NiteRider product. You may think that you are the only one on the road at such an early hour, but you do not want a car to get too close because it cannot see you until its headlights catch your rear reflector at the last moment. The NiteRider Pro is sure to enhance your visibility, with features such as three brightness levels, flashing modes, and a smart charger. This brand offers other options as well, including race lights and lights with extended battery life. After you get your light, keep it going strong with a NiteRider battery, which is available new or used from reliable sellers on eBay and comes in convenient forms such as a water bottle shape so that you can carry it with you. With such an immense selection, it is easy to find a NiteRider light for your morning ride to work.