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About Nissan Spark Plugs

Without this, your Nissan isn?t going anywhere. If you guessed an engine, you?re close, but what you?re actually looking for are Nissan spark plugs. The spark plug sends a powerful arc of electricity and ignites your engine. While it can handle anywhere between 40,000 and 100,000, a spark plug is designed to only spark at the proper location, reducing the potential of an accident. It's important that you get spark plugs designed to go with your car?s make and model. It's the carmakers who decide whether your car requires a hot plug or a cold plug. Using the wrong plug can cause it to overheat, potentially igniting the fuel before the spark fires. With a bit of know-how and your owner's manual, you can save yourself some cash by replacing the spark plug on your Altima or Titan. Find Nissan spark plugs from reliable sellers on eBay. While you have your hood up, also check the wires to see whether those need replacing as well. You might as well save yourself some time and replace everything at once.