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About Nissan Navigation

Saving at the gas pump and saving the Earth from excess carbon emissions are not usually the first things that come to mind when setting up a Nissan navigation system in your vehicle. After all, the device was intended to get you to your destination without wasting your valuable time. But, as an added bonus, you are also saving money and the environment. Studies by HERE?the mapping service that provides data for Nissan?show that drivers who use navigation systems use 12 percent less fuel than those without GPS systems. Furthermore, they reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by an average of 21 percent. Available on eBay, new HERE and Nissan navigation systems draw data updates on roads annually, making certain that the most direct, time-saving, and gas-saving route is the one that is shown on your system?s monitor when you input the address of a hair salon, boot repair shop, county park or an office cohort?s Halloween party. If you happen to discover a route or road that isn?t showing up as an option, report the new, updated data to HERE via Map Creator and your Nissan system?s interface with the web. Interestingly, the new Nissan Altima navigation system saves you some breath, as a broad voice command allows the driver to verbally enter addresses into the system in a single string, rather than having to break the full address up into parts. Overall, the words "save" and "Nissan navigation" seem to be synonymous.