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About Nissan Altima Spoiler

Spoiler alert: Nissan Altima spoilers give your car curves, power, and pride. Spoilers serve functional and aesthetic purposes. They frequently appear on racing cars in professional and amateur circuits. Along with other car additions, like turbocharged engines and custom exhausts, spoilers improve aerodynamics by directing airflow off the back of the car, reducing drag and improving stability and handling in the process. They come in several styles including factory editions and custom models. Nissan Altima spoilers vary in design; some feature thin widths with very slight curves, adding an elegant finish to the vehicle. Others sit higher off of the back of the car, fastening to the back with sturdy steel bars, and featuring ends with bold wings. You often see racing spoilers on the backs of cars, although you can add subtle detail with Nissan Altima roof spoilers too. These spoilers sit in the middle of the roof and give cars sporty and stylish looks, resembling shark fins. Thanks to the large inventory on eBay, you can look for spoilers for all Altima models. You can search for 2002 Nissan Altima spoilers or look for a part for a specific trim, like the Coupe.