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The Nintendo 64 ushered in a new age in console gaming. Unlike Nintendo's previous Video Game consoles, its video games made you feel like you were really there for the first time. You can get your Nintendo 64 on eBay and step into a whole new world.

Remember when everyone played video games at your house? Recreate those moments in adulthood with a Nintendo 64 console. eBay offers Nintendo 64 games, including Nintendo 64 game lots. Learn some helpful tips for choosing Nintendo 64 accessories.

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About Nintendo 64

Many holiday wishes came true when parents purchased their children a Nintendo 64. With improved graphics over the Super NES, the system was an innovation for its time. Now you can purchase one on eBay, which has an immense selection of Nintendo 64 consoles and accessories. You can even find them in a wide selection of colors, including fire orange, purple, or a green Nintendo 64, among other colors. Its controller was also different from any other with three grips and a trigger underneath the central grip. The games for the system took full advantage of the controller's design with the 10 different buttons. You can choose from many Nintendo 64 controllers with several to match the various color-themed systems. When it comes to games, you have many from which to select. These include best-selling games, such as "Super Mario 64," "Star Wars Shadow of the Empire," and many more favorite games. So, take a trip into video game history, and purchase one of the many Nintendo 64 gaming consoles available on eBay.