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About Ninja Turtles

Think of the most terrifying, fast, vicious-looking, agile and intelligent animal you can possibly imagine ? and we?re going to guess you didn?t immediately think of a turtle. However bizarre a bunch of sibling ninja turtles sounds?being taught martial arts by an aged rat is even more out there. But, that?s what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT for short) animated series was all about. These brothers in arms, fought against the evil of Shredder ? a terrifying human ninja with a legion of followers dedicated to trying to take over the world. Imagine street fights, punk kids and the inimitable news journalist, April ? and you?ve pretty much got the whole picture. Still popular with kids today, you can find a range of action figures, whether vintage or modern, as well as the rather quirky looking Lego ninja turtles from reliable sellers on eBay. It just goes to show; you never can tell if turtles really are slow, or if they just pretend to be when you?re watching.