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About Nikon F3

For Nikon in the SLR camera market, the third time was the charm. The Nikon F3 is an iconic single-lens reflex camera that continues to inspire Nikon camera design. It was the first F camera design to come from Giorgetto Giugiaro, the famous Italian automobile designer. The F3 is also the longest running professional Nikon SLR camera. Even though Nikon released its replacement, the F4, in 1988, the production of F3 continued until 1992 and long after, Nikon kept making F3 bodies. Soon after the F3 came out, the Nikon F3HP followed. F3HP or High Point differs from the standard F3 by its High Eyepoint viewfinder that allows users to see entire images with the eye an inch away. This is a useful feature for those who prefer not to take off their glasses while shooting with the camera. Soon after, the Nikon F3/T joined the F3HP. It is lighter and more durable than the F3 and F3HP while also sporting an improved viewfinder. To distinguish the F3/T, Nikon offers the camera in a titanium finish. Among Nikon F cameras, the F3 has the highest number of models. Fortunately, there is a large inventory of Nikon F3 cameras on eBay, where you are certain to find the specific model you want.