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About Nikon 28mm

The lens alone is worth the price is the marketing slogan of Nikon for its cameras as well as its lenses, like the Nikon 28 mm line of lenses. Nikon is justly famous for the quality of the company's single lens reflex cameras, both using 35 mm film and digital cameras. Nikon's super-high-quality lenses are what made the company's reputation, along with its mounting that allows lenses to be used interchangeably, providing a wide variety of picture types from a single camera. The 28 mm lenses include single manual focus lenses, as well as manual-focus zoom lenses like the Nikon 28-70 and the Nikon 28-85. One of the biggest advantages of single lens reflex cameras is the ability to use different lenses; since the photographer's view uses light coming in from the lens itself, changing the lens automatically changes the view and allows the photographer to take photos true to what the camera sees. Nikon 28 mm lenses are sold in great variety on eBay.