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About Nikon 18mm

The quickest way to spark a great debate among photographers is to ask them which lens is their go-to lens. The answer, of course, varies greatly, though all photographers typically have at least one favorite wide-angle option, such as a Nikon 18mm lens. The term wide angle refers to lenses with focal lengths below 35mm and two main types of lenses fall into this category: prime and zoom. A prime lens, such as the Nikon 18mm AF, offers only one focal length, whereas a zoom lens, like the Nikon 18-55mm lens is adjustable and offers a range of focal lengths. While some photographers prefer the flexibility zoom lenses provide, others prefer the stability and ease of using prime lenses with only one focal point. A host of reliable sellers on eBay offer you the chance to buy either a Nikon 18mm lens or an 18-55mm model, so you can find the perfect lens for your photography needs. With a Nikon wide-angle lens, take stunning pictures that put your audience smack-dab in the middle of the action.