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About Nike MachSpeed

You love your Nike SasQuatch clubs and fondly call them "The Big Foot Clan" because they are powerful and true, even though they whack with a terrible clank. If you think highly of the SasQuatch line, they you are going to be floored by Nike MachSpeed golf clubs; gone is the deafening clank. The Nike MachSpeed driver now has a pleasing, yet firm sound. But there is more to it than a new sound. The newly redesigned club face is thin and adjustable, and turns golf balls into little rockets as soon as you find its generous sweet spot. But if you want a driver that hits even harder, then you should pick up the Nike MachSpeed black driver. Its black head and shaft is not all about looks; the head is designed to reduce air drag during downswings. As such, it attains a great speed and hits golf balls with maximum power. You can find both the drivers and other Nike MachSpeed golf clubs among the large inventory of golf gear offered by reliable sellers on eBay.