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About Nike Irons

Both your father and your husband enjoy spending their free time using their Nike irons to play golf at the local country club, and just last year for Christmas, you found a great deal on eBay for a brand-new set of Nike VR Pro irons for your husband. He likes them so much that he?s been hinting that he would like a set of Nike VR Pro Combo Irons as well, as they?re great for complex scoring. Since his birthday is coming up, you decide to go ahead and check eBay?s reliable sellers for a deal on the clubs, and you?re quite pleased that you did, as you find an awesome deal on a set of Nike VR Pro Combo 2014 irons that are in mint condition and have custom specs. You know that your husband will surely appreciate the new decade multi-compound black wraps and that the 4-iron club has yet to be used on the links and is still in its original plastic wrap. Every time he mentions his birthday, you have a difficult time hiding your smile, knowing how thrilled he?s going to be with what you have in store for him.