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About Nike Headbands

Your muscles are loose and your heart rate is up, and you could really be in your groove with this new workout if only your sweat would stop rolling into your eyes and stray wisps of hair would stay out of your face. What you need to focus on exercising is a Nike headband. No matter whether your head is on the larger or smaller side, the Nike Dri-FIT headband is an excellent option since it features an adjustable tie back. The headband, which features a combination of polyester and spandex fabrics, has moisture-wicking properties and can go directly in the washing machine when you finish your workout. While the Dri-FIT is perfect for an indoor workout or an outdoor workout in warm weather, it is not the ideal choice for freezing temperatures. If you like to exercise outdoors, invest in a Nike Therma Fit headband to keep your body heat from escaping. Therma Fit headbands feature microfiber fleece, and even have a reflective strip for running in the dark, early mornings or evenings. Sellers on eBay offer Nike headbands in a wide variety of sizes and colors for indoor and outdoor exercising, and with that signature Nike swoosh on your forehead, you should be ready for a hardcore workout with no distractions.