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About Nike Fuel Bands

After a friend suggests signing up for a 5K and training together, you feel energized and ready to take your workout to the next level. The same friend points out the Nike Fuel Bands, which help with weight loss, calorie monitoring, and keeping track of other fitness goals. The bands come with a synthetic material that provides equal parts comfort and a secure fit for runners of all shapes and sizes. The form-fitting band, which Nike states that professional athletes recommend, ensures runs and workouts without having to push the band up. Features include easily insertable links for a specific fit, and a USB charging cable to keep the band going. A sizing tool, which comes with the band, also enables a secure fit, no matter your size. Some bands have Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to connect with smartphones. Many bands also sync with an iOS or Android device. Options include Nike clear fuel bands and Nike limited fuel bands, including the rose-colored band. Convenient shipping options from sellers on eBay mean no long waits in line for your Nike Fuel Bands.