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About Nike Dri Fit Shirts

At a break in your weekly neighborhood soccer game, you head for the water cooler and wish you brought another shirt to change into. A teammate, noticing your sweat-soaked cotton shirt, suggests that you consider a Nike Dri-FIT shirt instead. As he starts to explain the shirt's benefits, you realize that the investment can keep you cooler and more comfortable during the long games. Nike Dri-FIT shirts often come in a combination of materials, such as cotton and polyester or polyester and spandex. The goal is to keep you as comfortable and dry as possible. Some shirts come in solid colors, while others might feature the flashy Nike design or a catchy phrase such as "Get Your Swoosh On" or "Hunt or Be Hunted." Colors include classics, such as white and black, to bright eye-catching colors like vibrant hues of yellow, blue and pink. For colder weather, a Nike Dri-FIT long sleeve shirt makes a great base shirt or a warm layer underneath a jacket. You can also find a Nike Dri-FIT compression shirt available new or used from dependable sellers on eBay. As the game resumes, you vow to purchase a Nike Dri-FIT shirt before the next game.

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