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About Nike Bat

Summer sunshine, green grass, and fresh, red dirt all signal the great American pastime of baseball. Get yourself on the base path with a Nike bat. A Nike BBCOR bat can help get your hits out of the infield and out of the stands. A Nike Aero Cx2 Comp BBCOR 33/30 baseball bat features multi-wall Cross React carbon composite construction to give you flex and power as you make contact with the ball. The Aero-Cap increases bat speed, and Power Belt technology gives you full advantage of the sweet spot on the bat. Baseball is not the only area for Nike bats. A Nike softball bat can also help give you the edge at the plate. Featuring the same Cross React carbon composite construction as the Nike Aero baseball bat, the Nike Aero Athena Composite Fastpitch 31/21 softball bat gives you speed and power in a bat. The Nike Aero Athena's 2.25-inch barrel also features Power Belt technology to strengthen the barrel and maximize the sweet spot. This bat also features the Aero-Cap rated at three percent more aerodynamic than traditional cupped-end bats. Whether you are a baseball player or softball player, a Nike bat can help get you in the game. With a wide inventory of new and used Nike bats on eBay from trusted sellers, you can be swinging your own Nike bat on your way to the big leagues.