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About Night Vision Car Camera

Decreased visibility at night is not only unsafe for you, but for other vehicles and pedestrians as well. Increase your vision with a night vision car camera. There are different front dash cameras available, but a thermal night vision camera identifies sources of heat on the road ahead, including pedestrians and animals, so you can identify potentially dangerous areas much sooner than your headlights allow. Many of these dash cameras also work as recorders, so you can safely and easily record your drive no matter if it is night or day. These types typically use a memory card to store the video, and many are able to support up to 32 GB of memory. Other types of night vision car cameras attach to the rear of your vehicle to use as a rear backup camera so you can safely put your car in reverse and see behind you, even in the dark. You can use night vision car cameras for a large variety of applications, and the vast inventory on eBay makes it easy to find the right camera for your needs.