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About Nickel Rolls

Kick starting a coin collection is simpler when you use a nickel roll. Rolls usually come with 40 coins, and you can find them from multiple decades. You may find rolls that are more recent in new condition, but most are used. Jefferson nickel rolls are popular among first timers, as they do not feature rare dates and benefit from wide circulation, which in turn makes them affordable. Upon receiving your roll, wash the coins gently in warm water and a little dish detergent, then lay them out in a collector's book. To start a rarer collection, aim for a Buffalo nickel roll. eBay's reliable sellers should detail the coin's date, but many Buffalo nickels were easily worn, so you may not see it when they arrive. However, this means finding one with a clear date stands you in good stead for a rare collection. When purchasing nickel rolls, you can find them according to the exact date in some cases, though some sellers may advertise by the decade instead. You can also find them according to coin type, as well as the imagery on the metal.