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About NHL Stickers

The skates flash and sticks fly as the hockey players battle for possession of the puck, culminating with a raised stick rejoicing over a hard-fought goal. From mini-mites to adults, hockey players and fans sport a variety of NHL stickers on their helmets, hockey bags, and rear windows. NHL helmet stickers, manufactured specifically to stick onto the slick surface of a hockey helmet, proudly display your favorite team's logo. In addition to flaunting your team's logo, you may also search for collectible stickers made by the Italian company Panini. Collecting Panini stickers is a hobby that you can share with your children and grandchildren. Panini began manufacturing NHL stickers in 1987, and the accompanying sticker album featured Grant Fuhr of the Edmonton Oilers on the cover. Locating NHL hockey stickers, whether you are searching for a single sticker or an unopened box of 2012 Panini NHL stickers, is easy when you turn to the reliable sellers on eBay. The multitude of listings combined with the convenient shipping options brings the latest stickers to your mailbox, ready to add to your collection of NHL memorabilia.