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About NFL Patches

Pillows, athletic bags, backpacks, sweaters, hats, on felt cut like a pennant, denim curtains, framed under glass in dad?s den, or even as hanging Christmas tree ornaments?NFL patches find their way onto both odd and conventional backdrops, especially when it comes to football fanatics who collect them. The nearly ubiquitous NFL shield patch of silver and black with a helmeted pirate?yes, we are talking about those swashbuckling Oakland Raiders?look pretty foreboding encased beneath a plastic skin of your coffee cup as you raise it to your lips in the morning. An NFL iron-on patch, like that of the stern, destination-fixated Seahawk on the logo of the 2014 Super Bowl champions, is symmetrically perfect for a fan?s favorite game scarf or fleece headband. Each of these patches, plus those from all the other NFL teams and the NFL logo itself, are available in new or good condition from reliable eBay sellers. Where you place NFL patches of your favorite teams depends on whether you want to preserve them under glass or other encasement, whether you wish to tout them on your gear or attire, or whether you want to bring them out only during football season to dangle from a tree or mobile in your room. The NFL fans are as creative as a coach?s playbook when it comes to their patches. So, put on your coach?s hat?with an NFL patch affixed to it, of course?and get to work.