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About Nexus 7 Dock

Keep your Nexus connected and ready at a moment's notice with a Nexus 7 dock. Forget about the hassle of finding your charger and stretching it out to your chair or bed. With an official Google dock, just slip your tablet into the slide and lock it into place for easy wireless charging. With the large inventory of docks found on eBay, yours is just a few mouse clicks away. Keep your Nexus 7 powered up and ready for long conference calls or while you stream your favorite movies. No connector to deal with — no searching an unfamiliar room for an outlet. This docking station has an edge-to-edge, form-fitting design that keeps your tablet securely in place. It also adjusts the Nexus to the perfect angle for reading and playing games. A power protection circuit ensures that your tablet does not overcharge and become damaged. Sleek and lightweight carrying cases are available for easy transport of your docking station. Synchronize, replenish, and enjoy your favorite features anywhere you go with a Nexus 7 dock.

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