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About New York License Plates

New York license plates evoke the hustle and bustle of Manhattan traffic, with honking horns and blaring sirens. They are popular among collectors who want to pay homage to the Big Apple. Available in the variety of designs and sizes different types of vehicles, you can find the license plate to complement your collection or fulfill your desire for nostalgia. New York motorcycle license plates are among the most popular due to their smaller size. In addition, the New York liberty license plate, which was initially issued in the 1980s, boasts the quintessential Statue of Liberty design in between the numbers and letters. Shopping for New York license plates on eBay makes it easy to find the year and style that you want. For example, search for personalized plates where the numbers and letters spell a message, such as "Gr8 St8." Vintage plates may include pre-state plates, which were homemade plates that drivers used before states issued plates to the general public, or porcelain plates, which were used before metal.