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About New Haven Clocks

You miss the comfortable tick-tock of your living room clock during the wee hours of the morning as you get ready for your day — if only your New Haven clock did not take that tumble last week. Luckily, you can easily find a replacement from the vast inventory available on eBay. Choose a gold antique clock with candle holders built in to create a centerpiece that is impossible to overlook. If you do not have a lot of surface space to work with, opt for a mantle clock that winds up with a key and produces a pleasing tone on every hour to help ensure that time never gets away from you. A New Haven wall clock is another great option, serving as both a time keeper and a piece of art that can be seen from any vantage point in the room. Featuring brass accents and a glass panel, a New Haven banjo clock offers a fun way to brighten up your home without sacrificing the elegant build for which New Haven is so well known. Time keeping has never been so stylish.