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About New Hampshire - Collectibles

Six months before the Congress signed the Declaration of Independence, New Hampshire declared its independence from England, making it the first state to take such a bold and daring stance against the mother country. This act of independence and strength influenced the other states and sparked a passion for freedom that has made America what it is today—full of dreams and ambition. Whether you have roots in New Hampshire or are just fascinated by the state's patriotic history, you can find an impressive selection of collectibles from The Granite State on eBay. History buffs can ooh and ah over the Civil War New Hampshire memorabilia, which includes old letters, original war reports, and vintage books documenting the Union’s progress. If Civil War artifacts don't excite you, there are many other unique collectibles available from reliable eBay sellers, such as vintage New Hampshire license plates, old postcards, maps, and various other unique souvenirs, and each reflect the rich history of this trailblazing American state.