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About Nest Thermostats

Garage door opener, water heater, garbage disposal and thermostat: There are some devices in your home you simply don't think about because they just quietly do their jobs with no fuss. The folks at Nest Labs decided to take a closer look at some of these energy-sucking fixtures, and they came up with the Nest Thermostat, a climate control system for the next generation. The Nest Thermostat does more than just control the temperature. It's your partner in saving energy, saving money and ultimately saving the environment. The thermostat keeps track of when you change the temperature in your home, and it programs itself to your preferences. Its motion sensor knows when you've left the house, and it keeps from cooling or heating and empty home. The device's Internet connectivity allows it to take outside weather conditions into consideration when selecting the right temperature for you at any given time. You can also control your Nest Thermostat when you're away using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Just log into your app or your account, and you can turn the air conditioning off if you forgot before leaving on a vacation, or you can make sure your teenage boys don't turn your living room into an icebox during the summer while you're at work. The Nest also helps you make energy-efficient decisions. A green leaf appears on the display when you change the temperature so that your system uses less energy. Since your thermostat controls half of your energy bill, you can save money by investing in a programmable thermostat that takes the guesswork out of energy efficiency.