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The Nespresso revolution started with one idea: people should be able to make barista-quality espresso drinks at home (and without barista training). The company, which is under the Nestlé Group umbrella, formed in 1986 and began tinkering and testing, continually improving Nespresso machines and coffee blends until they comprised the pinnacle of home coffee-making. Protected by 1,700 patents, Nespresso is like no other coffee machine. To taste the difference for yourself, check out the vast selection of Nespresso coffee machines and espresso capsules found on eBay.

About Nespresso

Imagine a morning where you are whisked away to a small cafe in Rome, with culture, history, and Italian charm surrounding you. Or perhaps as you sip your Nespresso cappuccino, you are transported to a spot high up in the mountains, with the fresh air whipping around you and the bell of a small cathedral chiming six o'clock in the background. Regardless of the backdrop, one thing is always the same; the flavor of your coffee beverage is a luxury for your senses. Nespresso systems are not simply about coffee, they are about experience, with a host of flavor capsules to choose from, including bold, intense, and even fruity profiles, you can discover the style and blend produces your favorite espressos and cups of coffee every time. Just pop one of the capsules into your machine, add milk if you have a style with a frother, and push a button. You get a great cup of coffee, espresso, or latte every time. Another great feature of these appliances is the fact that they are designed to accentuate, not overwhelm your kitchen. With a host of color selections including reds, blues, silvers, yellows, and more, you can add a pop of color to your otherwise bleak counter space. Sizes of machines vary dramatically; if you are scant on space, try a slim version like the Pixie. At less than 5 inches across, this little machine still packs a punch when it comes to coffee. Or, if fancy yourself a true Barista, make the Gran Maestria the focal point of your kitchen. Day or night, alone with your thoughts or together with friends, a coffee beverage from your Nespresso makes good company.

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