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About NERF Vulcan

You peek your head out from behind your hiding spot and catch sight of your target running across the field. You smile as you notice he only has a simple, single-shot pistol, while you hold in your hands a Nerf Vulcan, the massive, automatic, battery-operated blaster that puts all other toy guns to shame. The Vulcan features a detachable tripod for turret use, and it offers a unique belt system for loading and firing, meaning you can shoot a steady stream of those famous bright darts at your target as he or she surely runs for cover. It features multiple carrying options for stationary or on-the-move use, and it even includes a storage box on the side to hold your belt of darts. Browse the large inventory on eBay to find a variety of Nerf Vulcan parts and accessories, as well as various versions of the gun itself. Choose a Nerf N-Strike Vulcan, available in a bright orange color scheme. Or, stock up on additional accessories, such as Nerf Vulcan belts and darts, so you can always be ready for longer battles. You are never the first to run out of ammo with a Vulcan blaster gun.

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