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About NERF Sniper

You feel a thrill of anticipation as you prepare to upgrade your arsenal for the next game of capture the flag. If you want a weapon that gives you an edge, the NERF Sniper is the obvious choice. This sniper weapon is part of the NERF N-STRIKE ELITE line of blasters. The air-powered dart blasters fire up to 35 feet to help you keep your opponents at bay. The frustrating problem of finding and loading darts no longer slows you down because this sniper rifle comes with a clip system that holds up to 18 darts. The clips have springs that move the darts into the chambers for easy firing. Add an accessory scope to the gun to give it a more authentic feel. For young children and the young at heart, dart blasters pack a day with adventure that could include practicing long-range shots with targets in the backyard or practicing tactical maneuvers with a team in the field. With the large inventory available on eBay, it is possible to find the NERF Sniper and all the other accessories you need to take down your opponents and walk away with the victory flag.

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