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About NERF Scopes

Shooting a soft foam dart into your sibling's face at high speed is satisfying, but doing it from concealment and from 20 yards away is pure bliss. A Nerf scope lets you live your dream. Complete with a range-finding implement and magnification lens, a Nerf sniper scope lets you fire darts with extreme precision across long distances, bringing normally unthinkable shots into the realm of possibility. The Nerf tactical scope is sold with several models of Nerf sniper guns and also as a solo mod that attaches to any Nerf dart gun equipped with a tactical rail, such as the Strikefire and Titan, transforming them from casual weapons into an arsenal of mayhem. The Centerfire Tech electronic scope comes with LED lights inside the viewing window that illuminate triangular panes that line up on a target after the shooter attains perfect aim. You can rain down springy, foam-cored justice on your friends and family without ever revealing yourself or getting anywhere near them, which is probably for the best. You can find a Nerf scope in the vast inventory on eBay.

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