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About Nerd Glasses

In the past, pretentious losers with no social life wore nerd glasses, also called geek glasses or hipster glasses. However, these accessories have become associated with trendy intellectuals because many people believe that reading harms vision, thus people who need glasses should be more intelligent. There are several types of geek glasses, and they are so popular that even people who do not need a prescription sometimes wear clear glasses to emphasize their eyes. The big nerd glasses are sometimes called wayfarer glasses. When the plastic only covers the eyebrow area, they are called browline glasses. Nerds also wear horn rimmed or tortoise shell glasses. However, plastic made to look like tortoise shell is more common than actual tortoise shell. Women often wear colorful nerd glasses with a smaller shape and faux gems. Many "absentminded professor" types break their glasses by accident and then fix them with masking tape. You can use the reliable sellers on eBay to find a great deal on the perfect new or used pair of nerd glasses for men or women. Looking the part is an easy way to meet fellow fashionable nerds.