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About Neoprene Fabric

Most people are familiar with Neoprene fabric from the wetsuits that divers wear to keep the cold wet water at bay. This synthetic rubber has a lot of uses from industrial application to products found in the home. You can find plenty of Neoprene through the vast inventory on eBay to suit your purposes too. It is inert to most chemicals and oils, including saltwater, so it is excellent in gaskets, valves, and even in rubber mats for the floor. A thick layer of Neoprene is also spongy enough to provide gentle support. The flexible black Neoprene fabric is resistant to temperature extremes, useful to divers in the ocean and in phone and laptop sleeves to keep your equipment safe from the weather. A thin layer of Neoprene can be used to line knee and elbow pads for a little extra comfort and protection from impacts. Fly fishermen like to wear waders made from this rubber to keep out the water and keep in body heat. Neoprene fabric has plenty of uses for the crafty person.

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