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About Neo Geo

Only the most elite of gamers have heard of Neo Geo. At the time of its release, the Neo Geo console was the only gaming console that allowed you to save a game to a special memory card, then take that card to an arcade and pick up right where you left off. Neo Geo X, the next generation Neo Geo gaming system, also incorporated a handheld gaming device so you could advance to the next level of any game virtually anywhere. Whether you’re looking for the original Neo Geo system, games, or the newer X version of the console, you can find exactly what you’re looking for through the reliable sellers on eBay. Games for this system encompass a variety of genres, including sports, fighting, and action adventure. Pick out a few so that you always have a game on hand no matter what gaming mood you’re in. Compete for a world championship in soccer, become a super spy, or express your inner samurai with a video game console that was simply ahead of its time, and continues to entertain gamers today.