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About NEMA 34

When your CNC machine suddenly grinds to a halt, you realize the unfortunate truth: That old, worn-out stepper motor has turned its last turn. Just like any other machine, a stepper motor can die from overloading a circuit, becoming stripped, or simple fatigue, and a new or used NEMA 34 stepper motor could be an excellent choice for your replacement part. A 3-axis CNC moves front to back, side to side, and up and down; a 4-axis CNC also tilts the item you're milling for extra accuracy and accessibility, so make sure you get the correct 3- or 4-axis NEMA 34 stepper motor. Shop on eBay for new and used stepper motors. If you?re in the market for building a brand new CNC machine and not just a single NEMA 34 motor, you can opt for a NEMA 34 stepper motor kit, which includes all the steppers and drivers you?ll need for your new tool. So get back to the shop and get building?this little stepper motor will give you all the kick you need to get going again.