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About Ned Smith

From towering mountains to green valleys, lush meadows to expansive ocean vistas, there is much for the artistic eye to behold in nature. Throughout the 46-year career of Ned Smith, this font of inspiration serves as the subject for numerous works of art, crossing many mediums. Thousands of anatomically accurate sketches, drawings, and paintings are attributed to the artist. His work has graced magazine covers, museum walls, and National Geographic pages. 14 books are illustrated by his hand, and numerous Ned Smith prints add a sense of the wild to living rooms and studies across the nation. In addition to his painting, Ned Smith's fascination with nature can be seen in glassware, which is decorated with the likenesses of birds, deer, and other wildlife. You can find a wide variety of Ned Smith's work online in the vast inventory available on eBay. From paintings to glasses and more, his collection is quite unusual in its range. Today, Ned Smith stands as one of the best-respected painters of natural scenes, especially when it comes to detailed renditions of individual animals going about their lives.